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Capacity: USD10,000,000

DUAL's Appetite

We have a broad underwriting appetite with most occupations able to be quoted either through our instant quotation ‘offer’ for revenue less than HKD250M, or via our Underwriters for business in excess of this threshold.

What we can't do

  • Adult Entertainment Industry
  • Virtual Currency Exchange
  • Virtual Currency Miner

Cyber Liability and Data Protection


Key reasons to buy

Increased publicity around cyber attacks has brought heightened awareness of data privacy and cyber exposures. The numbers are alarming with more businesses than ever experiencing cyber crime with attacks also directed at SME’s.

Some of the common events that can result in a cyber claim include:

  • A hack attack
  • Breach of privacy
  • Lost or stolen iPad or laptop 
  • Social Engineering

What's covered?

DUAL’s Cyber Liability and Data Protection policy provides the following key elements of cover:

  • Third party claims - from a failure to keep data secure, including claims for compensation, investigations, payment of fines and penalties. We will also pay defence costs and legal representation expenses
  • Business Interruption - reimbursement for lost profits, as well as necessary expenses incurred to maintain operation of the business as a result of the interruption.
  • Remediation Costs - reimbursement of the Insured's own costs including credit monitoring, cyber extortion, data restoration, forensic, notification and public relations costs, and legal representation expenses.
  • Social Engineering - to protect you in the event of the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent purposes.

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