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Capacity: USD20,000,000

DUAL’s Appetite

Preferred Risks:

  • Publicly listed companies
  • Private companies

Directors and Officers


DUAL Asia recognises the need for a D&O policy specifically tailored to the Asian marketplace. All too often Asian risks are coupled with, and penalised for, trends occurring elsewhere in the D&O world. With a particular focus on locally (rather than US) listed companies, DUAL has been able to design a package policy offering traditional cover combined with new extensions.

More importantly, our objective is to build into the main policy the necessary coverage enhancements so that we can deliver our premium policy issuance service. 

Insuring Clauses

  • Traditional D&O / Company Reimbursement
  • Employment Practices Coverage
  • Securities Entity Coverage

Features of Cover

  • Additional Excess Limit for Non-Executive Directors
  • Advancement of Defence Costs
  • Crisis Containment Cover
  • Fines and Penalties Extension
  • Investigation Cover (no 'wrongful act' required)
  • OH&S Defence Costs
  • Outside Directorship Cover
  • Pollution Defence Costs
  • Public Relations
  • Retired Directors Cover

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