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Capacity: USD10,000,000

Combined Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability Product.

DUAL's Appetite

We have a broad underwriting appetite for Information Technology professionals, with most occupations able to be quoted.

Selective Risks: - work relating to:

  • Aerospace / radar / navigation systems
  • Banking / financial systems
  • Gaming industry
  • Medical / surgical applications
  • Military / defence systems
  • Oil / gas / power / nuclear energy applications
  • Process control systems

Information Technology


The Information Technology sector is one of the fastest growing market segments with a greater dependence on the use of IT consultants. Advancements in technology are continuing at an explosive rate and combined with an increasing complexity of software, the demand for specialist and general IT consultants will continue to rise.

IT consultants recommend computer systems, including hardware, software and networks for their clients and combined with a wide variety of services that may also be offered, errors or omissions can leave them legally exposed.

Our priority is to provide a valued service to our clients, both in terms of responsiveness and ability to assess our client’s requirements and provide a product tailored to them that is cost effective.

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