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With offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, DUAL Asia is an underwriting agency committed to delivering insurance solutions.

DUAL Asia provides clients with local professional assistance backed by significant central resources. We also partner with clients and brokers to offer support and advice on such matters as legal and claims development and loss prevention.
None of our clients are built in exactly the same way. DUAL Asia works to understand the particular needs of your business. DUAL Asia is committed towards providing efficiency through innovation to ensure delivery of products and services.

Operating in Asia

Established in 2009, DUAL Asia has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, servicing 480 Brokers, Agents and Cedants specialising in Insurance and reinsurance across all of Asia. We transact USD$11.5m million in Gross Written Premium across 3,600 policies annually. 

Our parent company, The DUAL Group is the specialist underwriting arm of the Hyperion Insurance Group, and is focused on underwriting business critical risks DUAL is the world’s largest independent underwriting agency, employing more than 600 people in offices across Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

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